About Funky-n-Wild the Fashion video site!

First a little about me. I’m just a crazy, wild kinda guy that likes to have fun. And a whole lot of it! 🙂

Was just sitting here one day. Thinking? Yep I took a deep breath and I held it. You guessed it…. 🙂

Looking around thinking about life and what would be a fun thing to do… Guess I needed something to do. Was feeling kind of bored….

I took another deep breath, and I held it… lol

Then thought about creating a fun place to visit. Thought about how other people might like to have a fun place also.

You know one of those places to escape to, one of those places to get away from the abmoralities of the everyday shit… A place to relax, laugh to have a great time. Release the stress and get away from all the serious looking things in those other sites. 🙂

Besides we deal with enough crap on a daily basis. Time for a change for the better. So feel free to let your mind wonder off into another world of enjoyment for pleasure….

It was about the third puff of pleasure that I decided to start a project. This is the project. A video site on crazy stuff and fashion. 🙂

Yes, there is different kinds of fashion in videos.

Will be placing all different kinds of videos and features in this site. Look around at the features to explore them.

Hey there, even share with a couple of your friends that might like crazy videos also….

We’ll just kick back to have a great time. Hell let’s make it a block party weekend everday! 🙂

Be cool and enjoy!

That Funky-n-Wild crazy kinda guy…